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Chris Davis


Here at Psy-Kicks we believe that in order to create the future we want, we need to truly understand who we are - physically, mentally and spiritually.

From 1:1 readings and coaching sessions to interactive & fun ‘Psychic Parties’, we aim to cater for everyone’s needs. So whether you would like to know how to achieve your brightest possible future or you are looking to organise a fun and entertaining evening event or even if you’re simply curious about what your Palm, Iris, Date of Birth, Handwriting or the Cards say about you…book an appointment today, you won’t be disappointed.

The Divination systems we use have been tried and tested over countless years and continue to provide answers for those who ask. We apply them either individually or bring them together for a truly in-depth reading.  We are also able to couple them with more modern approaches to Coaching and Positive Change Work such as NLP, EFT, & Hypnosis to provide our clients with a deep understanding of who they are, who they want to be and how to make any necessary changes to achieve their goals.

We believe in a Universal Connection, linking each of us not just across geographies but across all time and space - there is more to this Life and this World than meets the eye