Mel T 

Florida, USA

“Spot on reading Chris. Thank you for your time to do my reading. I got so much from it. You nailed it, I can be indecisive and confused. It’s different focusing solely on me. I love helping people but I lost myself in it…I am getting better though with helpful guidance from people like you. Thank you so very much for your readings and time Chris”

Carmen F

Saskatchewan, Canada

“Thank you very much Chris, I love how you have done your distant reading or remote session, providing both an audio and the transcript, taking the receiver to 1:1 as if in the same space…Thank you again for taking the time to share your gifts with me. There is much truth and value you have to share and are very accurate.... even in the parts not so spot on....there is always wisdom for the taking...I hope this feed back is what you are looking for and it helps with your future endeavours. Much love and light!

Anja P

Stuttgart, Germany

“..this really comes very close – thank you for a great reading…you have really done a very good job with this one. I really love your style. You seem to be a very empathetic and trustworthy person, and I think you can help people a lot with your readings. I send you the best wishes for your future and for your work! Thank you again.”

Becky C

East Yorkshire, UK

“Hello Chris, thank you for my reading. It was very interesting and made a lot of sense to me, interestingly a lot of what you say was very similar to what I was told at a recent Tarot reading. I wouldn’t disagree with anything you said at all and would agree that I do hold myself back a lot. Sorry there was some trouble with my photos, but I am very happy with this reading with the limitations you had and will definitely take some points on board.”